Engineer with specialisation in Chemistry & Materials

vendredi 29 septembre 2017
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dimanche 29 octobre 2017
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ENGIE Laborelec's Nuclear Power Plant Materials & Chemistry department specialises in the specific materials science and chemistry issues facing nuclear power stations. Our main challenge consists in increasing the reliability and safety of these power stations, which we do by examining and avoiding accidents, by determining the life of critical components and by optimising the chemical conditioning of the various circuits. To that end, we perform research into specific problems and accidents in the field, and we carry out longer-term studies into general problems. Besides the water treatment, nuclear wastes must be trated and conditoned in order to be accepted by authorities. All aspects concerning the optimising nuclear waste (essentially in liquid form) process and treatment are also a large part of our activities.

Your main duties will also include the processing of cementation of nuclear liquid waste, radiological measurements of contamination, and the future dismantling of facilities.  

Your mission

  • you will play an active role in operational support activities as well as in research activities in order to optimise the use and treatment of water at nuclear power stations
  • you will actively work to optimize the process of nuclear waste traetment and conditioning (cementation,...)
  • you will be involved in developing activities relating to radiological measurements and the dismantling of nuclear power stations
  • you will take action on-site (at ENGIE power stations or others) in Belgium and abroad
  • you will have an opportunity to attend international seminars and working groups, at which you will meet acknowledged international experts
  • you will be working together with expert colleagues in other disciplines to tackle more complex multidisciplinary problems, and with various experts in the field
  • you will convincingly present the results of this research to local site management and to the relevant stakeholders
  • you will be integrated in the ENGIE Nuclear Traineeship, an extensive development program for young engineers with deep interest in nuclear technology. This development program will allow you to acquire strong technical and business skills
  • in accordance with your affinities and talents, you will have the opportunity to subsequently move on to senior expert functions, functions focusing more on multidisciplinary aspects, project management functions, or more operational functions involving technical management aspects, either at ENGIE Laborelec or within the ENGIE Group